Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Something New

I have an idea.  A new idea that is a culmination of several old ideas.  And, this time, I'm hoping to follow through on it.  In my head I have a story, it may or may not be worthwhile, but I'm going to try and wrench the bastard out and see if he thrives, or if I need to drown him in a bucket.  It'll be structured in a non-linear way, from (at least) two narrators.  It is my hope that this structure will allow me to actually make some progress, as it'll be formed of smaller pieces.  If you happen to read anything I post in relation to this "project" bear in mind that it will undoubtedly be shifted and edited.  It may not make much sense, but maybe the pieces will fit eventually.  I figure it's worth a shot.

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